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2015 Snow Survey Results

Results as of Sunday, March 1, 2015

Survey Now Closed.  Thank you for participating


2015 Snow Survey Results

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Written Responses to Question 1:

On first blizzard in January the sides of the road were not pushed back enough therefore every storm after that the roads got narrower and narrower. Also the sides/corners at ends of roads were not pushed back enough.

Why can't they plow two lanes? Drive down Emmaus Rd. to Damascus Rd. off of 118. Ridicules. And thats only one of many.

Budget cuts mean cuts in service. This service has clearly been cut from.

I don't think it is fair to compare this year with recent years. The highway dept. is working with the least amount of employees it has had in probably 30 years. Also the amount of snow we have received is the most we have seen in as long as I can remember. They are having problems during the storms, but the clean up is as good as normal.

I plow and have done it for over thirty years. Rehoboth is a joke as soon as you cross town lines they are down to asphalt.

Weather is worse so even with the same budget it would follow that removal would be worse.

The winter storms are extremely challenging.  The highway department has done a good job trying to keep up with the repeated storms.

I can’t say whether its better, worse, or the same as I can’t remember having this much snowfall since we moved to Rehoboth many years ago.  Given the reduced budget, small workforce, and the amount of roads in town, I have no complaints about the service provided.

Written Responses to Question 2:

Wheeler Street should be required to put up snow drift barriers on the open fields to cause less drifting of the snow. (previously barriers were put up.)

Again during the storm not so good, but final result about same as in years past.

I live on New Street. They plowed my street 18 hrs before first plow comes by. How (do) they expect kids to have school?

Kelton Street has been a nightmare.

The shortage of rock salt has hurt all municipalities.

Some spots on Summer St. are down to pavement while others are under 2-3 inches of ice and snow. Very dangerous to unsuspecting drivers who think the road is all clear!

I've had no trouble getting to where I need to go. It's winter, we've had record setting snowfalls. Folks need to be realistic.

Hornbine is not as good this year- but last year was wierd we had this plow truck just going back and forth over our road almost too much. We were always getting replowed even when it was great conditions.

No, I don't think the side roads are getting the proper attention. For example, King Philip (near where I live) has not been cleared well since the first snowstorm while roads like Lorson Lane (where a friend lives) are cleared very well.

They suck.

I think Rehoboth's roads this year have been very well maintained considering what we've been up against.

Taxpayer money is being used in the wrong place.

Written Responses to Question 3:

Route 44 has been fine. Route 118 has not.

The ones that are taken care of by the state....yes.

The state does most the roads that's why they are done right.

I take my life into my hands almost every day crossing 44 at Wilmarth bridge Road. Please clear the high mounds of snow at the intersection.

I drive Route 118 daily and have been pleased with the way snow removal has been handled.

State takes care of 44 and it has been pretty good. Parts of 118 have been okay.

The rock salt shortage and extreme low temps makes the removal of snow and ice very difficult Rock salt does NOT melt snow at temperatures below 25 degrees F.

Fairview hasn't been great this winter, and Bay State (between 44 and 118) is horrible for such a well-traveled road.

I live on County and it is has been terrible. You notice a big difference driving on County into Dighton. Not to mention that they destroyed several mailboxes along the way.

The state has more resources than the town, both in funds and equipment.

Only issue is the end of streets getting onto these roads- the cars travel so fast and if you can't get traction it can be tough getting out

Only travel 44 and 118 and they have seemed in somewhat better condition than secondary roads.

I drive from King Philip to the Swansea line every day and it's treacherous driving until I get onto 118.

The only reasonable roads are state maintained.

These are done by the State. They have it right.

Question 4

Written Responses to Question 4:

If there is no school there is no plowing. Working residents need to get to work in order to keep their income.

They suck.

My street Hornbine Road, especially between Baker and Spring, was bad after the blizzard, but it's good now. Spring onto 118 was tough to get traction especially having to pull out with a blind corner. I'm glad I have a high vehicle the mounds are so high. They carved out the mound of snow Martin to Pleasant which was great- that can be tough to see.

Snow covered, icy, poor condition. Most recent storm Pleasant St did not appear to be touched at all. Unfortunately I need to leave for work by 6:30 am and roads are typically treacherous at best after a storm at that time.

Widen the roads for a least 2 cars to pass safely.

I avoid the back roads.

Depends on who lives on the road.

Question 5

Written Responses to Question 5:

Most of the time yes but it has been lacking after the last few storms

Some roads are very tight for two way traffic.

When you take a ride to other towns and states, you realize Rehoboth did a great job of maintaining roads during and after the storms.

Don't know.


It’s scary to think that kids are waiting for buses on these roads - you can't see anything because of the drifts and cars can't stop because of the bad conditions.

We haven't seen our road all winter! But at least it filled in the pot holes!

Given the amount of snow, the plunging temperatures, the number of miles of road in town, and the amount in the snow removal budget, I'd say we should be pleased with the condition of the roads. This is New England, not Florida.

Seem ok but I don't use these much.

Again depends who lives on the road.

Question 6

Written Responses to Question 6:

Slush removal in areas that get sun during the day could be better. This mostly involves curves where slush seems to be a problem

OK if you live on a major road. If you live on a country road (part of the draw of living in Rehoboth) you are on your own - better have a four wheel drive vehicle!

Roads are terrible.

We live in New England, there is a lot of different weather. You have to be prepared and your have to drive appropriately. We do not have many "services" here in Rehoboth. Sometimes I think the police hold us hostage for the decisions that were made regarding the school budget. Too many times I see the police cars sitting in parking lots not patrolling and the way they disregard after-school functions at PR and Beckwith is disgusting. Roads that need plowing are one thing - drive slowly - be prepared. But a police department that abuses their power and authority against the taxpayers is deplorable.

It’s actually better than I expected given the financial situation in town, and the small workforce. It's easy to complain, difficult to actually participate in improving things. Some folks would complain, even it the town had some one personally come to their house and shovel them out.

Secondary roads poorly cared for. I realize we have had a lot of snow, but in addition to roads still being snow covered, melting by day and freezing by night--- the secondary roads that are well traveled also need to be widened and corners cut back for visibility purposes.

Highway should whine like Trombetta for more worked for him.

Dighton residents I know are in awe that they and Seekonk are so much better off this year.

I wish the plows would plow the entire width of the road instead of leaving 5' of snow unplowed on one side of the roads especially the tertiary roads.

Question 7

Written Responses to Question 7:

4 days

5 days

3 days

3 days

5 days

2 days

2 days

2 days

1 days

6 days

2 days

1 days

3 days

5 days

4 days

3 days

4 days

5 days

3 days

4 so far

2 days

5 days

1 day

3 days

3 days

2 days

1 day

4 days

2 days

5 days

3 days

3 days

4 days

4 or 5 (not due to road conditions though)

Retired thank god. Poor people that have to get out not so lucky.

Question 8

Written Responses to Question 8:

I think Rehoboth should be ashamed of how they maintain the roads which comes from the leaders not workers and the selectmen should not go in meeting and tell how good they are doing. They must live in different town than me and I have lived here my whole life 46 years. I am not a newbie.

It's a good thing I haven't needed police or fire!

Neighbor does my steps.

I have not required assistance, but have faith in these departments to be there when needed.


I left a message and phone number for call back No one ever called back.

No, I haven't needed any assistance.

Thank goodness no. I'm not sure they could get here.

Why bother?

Get rid of EVERY hack on the DR school committee hire new hacks and pay them a reasonable salary unlike the sows that dine at the trough now.

Thankfully, no.

Scary ride to the town office then right home. Good thing I didn't fall in their parking lot. All ice.

Question 9

Written Responses to Question 9:

Maybe I'd be willing to pay a little more if there was an increase in the amount of salt used.

I think this has just been an extraordinary winter. It has been years since we have had this much snow in the brief amount of time. In past years I have never had any complaints on the maintenance of the roads after storms.

Have the school people give back some of the money that was budgeted for them.

Plowing only

Not if its going to affect other public safety providers.

I would pay more in taxes not just for this reason, but to increase other services like emergency services. This town needs to realize it costs more money than it did 20 years ago to properly run. If we had more say over how money is spent within the school dept. we would have more money for the other services we need.

I am sick hearing about budget public safety is more important.

Question 10

Written Responses to Question 10:

For over 40 years I have worked outside of Rehoboth. The real comparison is when you cross a town line into an adjacent town. The roads in adjacent towns are always better. This has been true since we reduced the salt in the sand mix. Have we ever quantified the benefit of reduced salt impact? Obviously I would not suggest we abandon these policies in known areas of ponds, rivers or reservoirs.

I was out one storm shoveling my mailbox and plow driver went by and before I could move, he sprayed me with slush...turned around at top of street and came back and sprayed me again......I was kind of shocked. Turned around again, came back and I was sprayed with sand this time. I know I should have run and moved after the first spraying, but I think I just stood there in disbelief! By the way I am a woman in my 60s so I was quite surprised with this attitude of the plow driver. I figured one time was a mistake but three times was intentional

The end of the streets have snow piles that are so high you cannot see on coming traffic and makes for dangerous driving at intersections

I’m sure the highway department is doing the best they can with what they have been given, but there is a lot of common sense issues that are being overlooked. Townspeople also have to realize that if taxes aren’t raised soon everything is just going to get worse.

I believe we should go back to three selectmen instead of five because we never had these problems with three selectmen. We could also use the extra money to plow our roads!

People lack the understanding of snow removal and should do their homework before voicing opinion on the internet.

My car was stuck in the driveway and my husband had to use chains to pull me out with his 4 wheel drive. A pickup came by and my husband waved him to go around. it was about 11 AM this past Tuesday, very little traffic. The guy was SOOO nice looked at me as he was going by and called us f***ing a***holes. That definitely made my day after all this snow.

No need to widen roads with 3 trucks that go in both directions within 45 minutes of each other.

Have lived in Rehoboth 49 years. Have not seen the roads this bad. The first storm my road was not plowed for 28 hours. And each storm got worst. WHAT HAPPEN TO PUBLIC SAFETY?

I have to stay at a family member's home when it snows in order to get to work because Rehoboth doesn't consider plowing the roads a public safety issue.

New street is horrible. High school, inexperienced drivers are on this road, It should be a priority!!! We should be embarrassed.

I live in Dighton on Cedar Street, just near the town line. You can certainly tell on Cedar street the difference in how Dighton and Rehoboth do their jobs of cleaning the street. On the Dighton side it's clear and down to the black pavement. On the Rehoboth side, there is still a lot of snow with tire tracks making some grooves. I drive through Rehoboth a lot taking my kids to work in Seekonk and going to church on Sunday. Gorham street, Kent street, Plain Street, Pleasant Street, Bay State Road. All the same, poorly plowed or not plowed.

Snow getting very deep on my roof!

Slow down enjoy the scenery, pay attention to road conditions. Haste makes waste.

Plowing has been awful. Can't believe they can't even come out and put sand on the roads!! Where does all our tax money go???

The snow removal is shameful. The worst of any town I've been in.

People with complaints should call the superintendents office at D-R to complain, since the schools caused the problem.

No trash pickup, no town water, sewer, now no plowing. Our whole budget goes to the schools and the police, both spend far too much.

We have lower taxes than most towns around but also fewer services. Schools are finally getting enough money, it's time to fund the other services too.

The 1.8 million in under estimated receipts (FREE CASH) - will be used to pay for any amount we go over our budget. Please pay attention to the game! It's played every year!

Rehoboth needs to learn to live within its budget. I feel that living on a yellow road should decrees my taxes, I should not be paying the same as a red road,

That's why we pay taxes - to receive the services!

The town has been underfunded for decades. Thanks goodness for the scores of volunteers in town, otherwise, there would be a lot fewer services.

I voted for the override.

The roads are fine as always. I don't see any problem at all unless everybody on "Trendy Trail" got brainwashed into thinking that the Town Services are not up to par. "Trendy Trail" is where all the "new" people live. No clue as to what this town really needs, only what they need. You want town water? Move. You want street lights? Move. You want garbage pickup? Move. Services remain the same as far as I can see.

The only services that the town of Rehoboth provides are snow removal, the police force and the school system. The town doesn't have public sewage, town water or trash removal like other communities. We shouldn't have to pay more town taxes for these few amenities. The town should balance their budget better and consider the importance of public safety. The police force and other emergency personnel such as fire fighters and ambulance staff cannot help people in an emergency if the streets are not properly plowed.

Is worth improvement to lessen the potential for personal injury, loss of life in accident or auto/property damage

Do the job right the first time then we wouldn't be faced with terrible roads

Only if the taxes were used just for that purpose.

I feel that we need to increase taxes to provide better services. I don't have kids in the schools, we don't have town water, sewer or trash removal. But we all benefit when the police and fire departments are well staffed and the highway and school departments get the funds they need to do their jobs well.

Wish we could better choose where our money goes.

The more you give the more is wasted.

This town would only add more cops with unnecessary rank. No crime and the police can't get to us anyway. Taxpayers can see right through this ploy.

Can you publish a list of what roads are considered secondary and tertiary? Some tertiary roads (such as Ashlynn with big downhill onto Spring) need to be considered as more dangerous roads.  It did look like it was plowed very well after the blizzard though.

Awful!!! Cross the line to Seekonk bare pavement!!!Ridiculous.

Disgusting. Slush and roads not widened properly what kind of plowers leave messes like that?

Snow removal has been poor. I understand we are getting more than usual while dealing with a smaller than needed budget. But, I think the decision on which roads to plow has been implemented poorly or arbitrarily. Roads with several homes should get plowed regularly regardless of the size of the street.


For a barebones budget and small crew they have done a great job. if you can't drive on 4 inches of snow stay off.

The snow and ice removal policy has been working for me this year and I commute to Providence.

Not highways fault. 2 of them 22 full time copes. We have 1 cop for every 600 taxpayers. Something is out of balance. This isn't jeopardizing public safety?