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 For the past 46 years, the Rehoboth Rescue Squad has provided emergency services to the town of Rehoboth. We are the only 100% unpaid volunteer public safety organization in Rehoboth.  Aside from regular training and drills, rescue members also volunteer time for details and fundraisers.  We use money raised to help pay for equipment and training.  Rescue has never had an accident or incident that has caused a liability for the town. Safety is always our first concern, and has been for 45 years.  We expect to celebrate our 50th Anniversary with the townspeople in 2015.

    Rescue members continuously train in our core responsibilities, which include auto extrication, water rescue, dive team search and recovery, search & rescue, storm spotting, RACES Ham radio operation, and support to the town's other emergency service entities.  By focusing on these core areas, we ensure the highest level of competency and safe practices.  Rescue members often go beyond typical monthly training drills, meeting several times a month to practice and train. 

   "Your Rehoboth Rescue Squad has always acted to serve our town when called upon.  We are your friends and neighbors who are vested in protecting life and property in our community.  If you have the same desire to be of service to your town, we invite you to join the squad, and serve within our exciting response teams: Dive Team, Search & Rescue Team, HAM RACES Team, Auto Extrication Specialists, Storm Spotters and EMS Corps.  Join us today, and be 'IN SERVICE FOR LIFE!'"


Any person who is the legal owner of an end-of-life vehicle may contact the Squad.  Removal and towing are provided free of charge.  The Squad utilizes such vehicles for extrication training.  All vehicles are subsequently disposed of through automotive recycling in the best interest of the environment.


Rescue always welcomes new members who wish to serve.  The Squad provides all training, and true camaraderie exists among the personnel.  There are many exciting areas of rescue, and interested persons are encouraged to contact us to learn about the Dive Team, Search & Rescue Team, HAM RACES Team, Storm Spotters, Auto Extrication Specialists, animal rescue, and EMS Corps.  YOU can help us to remain “In Service for Life.”  For more information, call 774-371-0017 (business) or log on to


Rehoboth Rescue Squad
Rehoboth Rescue Squad
Rehoboth Rescue Squad

SKYWARN is a concept developed in the early 1970s that was intended to promote a cooperative effort between the National Weather Service and communities. The emphasis of the effort is often focused on the storm spotter, an individual who takes a position near their community and reports wind gusts, hail size, rainfall, and cloud formations that could signal a developing tornado.

     Another part of SKYWARN™ is the receipt and effective distribution of National Weather Service information.

     The organization of spotters and the distribution of warning information lies with the National Weather Service or  with an emergency management agency within the community.