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Rabies Vaccination

and Dog Licensing


Saturday, March 10

9 AM to 12 Noon

Seekonk Public Works Garage

Route 44 and Lake Street

  1. Bullet  Open to pet owners from both town and also non-residents

  2.   Administered by Dr. William Truesdale of Central Avenue Veterinary Hospital

  3.   Rabies vaccination is $12 per animal with cash-only payment

  4. Bullet  Cats must be in carriers and dogs on leashes

  5. Bullet  Massachusetts animal owners must bring either a certificate for a rabies          vaccination dated between March 9 and June 9 of last year or a previous Massachusetts three-year rabies certificate from a veterinarian.

  6. Bullet  Rhode Island animal owners must bring a two-year certificate of previous rabies vaccinations.

  7. Bullet  Rehoboth and Seekonk Town Clerks will also be on hand to register your dogs for the 2018 Dog Licensing season. Proof of current rabies vaccination is required. License fees may be paid by check. The 2018 dog license is due April 1, and is late after May 31. The fees are: spayed female/neutered male, $10; and un-spayed female/un-neutered male $20.