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Rehoboth Firefighter Grave Project

Dear Rehoboth Residents,

My name is Michael Koussa from Boy Scout Troop 3 in North Dighton. I'm working on my Eagle Scout Service Project for the Rehoboth Fire Department. The purpose of the project is to recognize the Rehoboth firefighters who have passed away, by placing grave markers and firefighter’s memorial flags next to their gravestones.

There are currently 121 names on the Firefighter's Memorial Roll Call. I am in the process of trying to locate where these firefighters have been laid to rest so they can receive the honor they deserve for their dedication to our Rehoboth community. This, however, is a great challenge. Therefore, I’m reaching out to you for any information you can provide to me in locating their grave sites.

There may also be many names of firefighters from years past which don’t appear on this roster. If you know of any firefighter’s names which should be on the list, I would appreciate the information.

I'm also planning on finalizing my project by enhancing the current Firefighter’s Memorial located at Station #3 on Pleasant Street by adding additional landscaping and seating so that residents may visit and reflect upon the lives of these honorable firefighters.

Please see the following list. If you have any information about where these firefighters have been laid to rest, please contact me at

With gratitude,
Michael Koussa
Troop 3 - No. Dighton

Rehoboth resident Michael Koussa with Assistant Rehoboth Fire Chief Mark Haskell at the Firefighter’s Memorial located at the Fire Station 3 on Pleasant Street. Koussa is also working with the Rehoboth Cemetery Commission on this project.

Albernaz, Manuel

Alburn Raymond

Alburn Walter E.

Alger, Fred

Almeida, Antone

Almeida, Frank

Bennett, Roger

Bomes, Robert

Bowers, Everett D.

Brander, Lester

Brunette, David A.

Burgess, Frederick

Burgess, Manuel

Calista, John

Calisto, John Jr.

Calisto, Joseph

Caouette, Lawrence

Cardoza, Anthony

Cardoza, John

Cardoza, Joseph

Carpenter, Louis D.

Cash, Charles H.

Cash, Leslie R.

Churchill, Richard

Coburn, William (Billy)

Collins, Raymond

Croome, Earl Sr.

Davis, Daniel

Deblois, Kenneth

Devolle, George

Drowne, Todd A.

Duarte, David

Duckworth, Irving

Earle, John W.

Ezyk, Richard

Frederickson, Oscar

Frederickson, Raymond

Fredette, Victor

Fricker, Steve

Fuller, Frank

Glynn, Raymond

Goff, Earl Sr.

Goff, Royal B.

Goff, Walter A. (chief)

Gousie, Frank

Gousie, Leon

Harris, Clifton E.

Haskell, Weston

Hilsman, Jay D.

Horton, Howard M.

Horton, Norman M.

Horton, Walter (Red)

Hurrell, Arthur Ted Jr. (chief)

Hurrell, Arthur T.

Hurrell, Gordon

Johnson, Herbert Jr.

Johnson, Herbert Sr.

Kilmurry, George

Knott, Albert E.

Knox, Milton L. Sr.

Laurino, Angelo

Leffort, Malcom

List of Rehoboth Firefighters

Lavigne, Archie

Lockhart, George B.

Mansfield, Robert R.

Mansfield, Lucius

Mansfield, Stanley C.

Marshall, Kenneth Jr.

Martin, Paul

McCrea, Brian

McKearney, Ronald

McLean, Allan J.

McMannis, Peter

Meagher, John J.

Mello, Joseph M.

Mendes, Arthur

Moore, Edwin W.

Moore, Herbert M.

Munroe, Bud

Nystrom, Sanford E.

Pacheco, Manuel

Parker, John C. Sr.

Peckham, Raymond

Pereira, Kevin

Perry, Antone

Perry, Joseph

Plunkett, William

Pomfret, Richard

Quint, Jeffrey

Rabbitt, Antone

Rabbitt, Jack

Raposa, George

Rego, John

Richmond, Thomas

Rousseau, Everett

Roy, Norman

Saunders, Douglas

Santos, Anthony

Sariva, Pastor Tony (chaplain)

Shaad, Robert

Short, Everett E.

Silva, Joseph B.

Silveira, Randy

Smith, Clifford E.

Smith, Donald Sr.

Smith, Edwin R.

Souza, Raymond

Stevens, Nelson

Terra, George C.

Thompson, Herbert

Thompson, Rev. Sam (chaplain)

Toste, Joseph Jr.

Vandenberg, Conrad

Vatcher, Roy

Vickery, Howard C.

Waite, David R. Sr.

Waterman, Everett A.

Waterman, George

Waterman, Lester A.

Weir, Rev. Richard (chaplain)

Wetherall, George (deputy)

PROJECT UPDATE  - November 19, 2017

Boy Scout Michael Koussa is working on his Eagle Project to identify Rehoboth firefighter graves, compile the information for the RFD and town, mark each grave with a firefighter designation/flag holder.

    So far he has identified and confirmed the final resting places of 105 local firefighters who served the town of Rehoboth. He has 24 names to go.

    If you recognize a name and/or know the burial place, please contact Michael as soon as possible at

Fred Alger, Everett Bowers, Anthony Cardoza, Raymond Collins, George Kilmurry, Stanley C. Mansfield, Peter McMannis, Arthur Mendes, Edwin W. Moore, Herbert M. Moore, Manuel Pacheco, Raymond Peckham, William Plunkett, Antone Rabbit, Jack Rabbit, John Rego, Everett Rousseau, Douglas Saunders, Anthony Santos, Tony Sariva (pastor/chaplain), Joseph Silva, Raymond Souza, Rev Sam Thompson, and Joseph Toste, Jr.