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Joe Pirraglia

special education



At the end of each marking period, recognition will be given to those students who achieve academic excellence.  Levels of achievement are determined as follows:

High Honors:  A- or higher in all subjects.  Conduct and Effort must be excellent or satisfactory.


At the end of each marking period, recognition will be given to those students who achieve academic excellence.  Levels of achievement are determined as follows:

Honors:  B- or higher in all subjects. Conduct and Effort must be excellent or satisfactory




School Atten-Dance

6:30 to 8:30 PM

Grades 6, 7, 8



Softball Try Outs



PTSA Book Club

6:30 PM at

Toti’s in Seekonk



School Committee

Budget Public Hearing



Beckwith BASH




Good Friday

APRIL 3-12



The cost for lunch is $2.85 this year.  The cost for milk is fifty cents.  The lunch menu is posted in every classroom for the children to view and is also available on the school website. 



The cost of one student textbook very often exceeds sixty dollars.  We ask your cooperation in encouraging your children to respect and care for all books and school materials.  Students who lose or damage books and/or school materials will be required to pay for them.


The school agenda study skills program is an important and required part of student life at Beckwith Middle School.  Each student has been provided with a school agenda, which is a daily planning booklet in which students are required to record all assignments.  Also, you will find the school calendar on the back cover of this year’s agenda.


Please send in a copy of your child's most recent physical exam done by the pediatrician as soon as possible so that it may be added to your child's health record.   It should include any recent immunizations your child may have received. As a reminder, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health requires a physical every 3-4 years.  As a reminder, students should NOT be bringing medication of any kind in to school. Medication (prescription and over the counter) MUST be brought in by an adult and permission forms need to be filled out by the parent.  If you have indicated on your child’s pupil information/ emergency contact form that your child has an allergy and requires an Epi-pen and/or Benadryl, the medication needs to be brought to the school as soon as possible and the appropriate parent and doctor forms need

to be completed.


For those interested in volunteering to help teacher, assisting with events or chaperoning field trips, please remember you need to have a current criminal background check form on file with the Dighton Rehoboth Regional School District.  Your form needs to be completed in person and you will need to present a valid drivers license or passport.  Once you have been approved, the form is valid for all the schools in the district for a period of three years.



Please take some time to explore our website periodically for the latest information and memos. Just go to and follow the Beckwith links.  You will see the School Calendar to the right which contains important dates, events, and ACE program schedule for easily accessible information.  As you scroll down you will also see important dates and links to other important information including the Beckwith Chronicle.  On the left side of our main page, there are links to other parts of our website, including the student handbook and teacher pages…some of which contain homework assignments.






2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 6:30 PM

DRRHS Media Center


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The following students were presented with Student of the Month Certificates for the month of February:  Grade 8 – Morgan Lawton/Sam DeMoura; Grade 7 –Samantha Martini/Luke Flanagan; Grade 6 - Victoria Landry/Nick Lin; Grade 5 - Emily Marquis/Davante Arocho;

Related ArtsPenny Braga/Patipan Sintorn.


We are pleased to announce that our sixth grade student Kylie Hillier was the winner of this year’s Anawan Lions Club Peace Poster Contest.  The theme of the poster contest was “The Future of Peace.” 


A number of Beckwith students were selected by Southeastern Massachusetts Arts Collaborative to have their work displayed at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Massachusetts from March 4 through 19, 2018.  A reception for teachers, students, and their families was held on Sunday, March 4 at the museum. Congratulations to: Grade 5:  Brendan Henneous, Haleigh Kelley, and Xavier Landry; Grade 6: Sarah Lima, Riley D'Alessio, Liam Dee, Zoey Lawrence, Sean Callaghan, and Aden Cortinheiro; Grade 7:  Melody Lowe, Hailey McGee, Harley McCallops, Emilia Toldo, Thomas Dyson, Angelina Araujo, Danielle Amaral, and Abby Gilliatt; and Grade 8:  Charleigh Blackwell, Gianna Blackwell, Ryan Hazel, Kayley Cronin, Benjamin Wheeler, Avery Thomas, Emma O'Neill, and Emma Herman. Several pieces from each participating school will be selected to be part of a traveling art show which will be displayed for one week at each participating school.


Students in grades 5 through 8 put their six months of hard work to the test when they performed Aladdin Junior at Beckwith on March 16, 17 and 18 to sold-out crowds! The dedication of the students was apparent and the crowds loved every second of it.

   Most of the set pieces were designed by the students themselves using cardboard and the students’ creative imaginations. The tech crew knew where to put the set pieces and worked on timing the exits of the pieces until it was perfect. These students wearing black behind the curtain deserve just as much praise as those in the spotlight!

    The cast truly brought out the energy and excitement that comes along with songs like “Friend Like Me” and “Prince Ali.” They showed off their acrobatic skills, much to the horror of Ms. Mullaney and the delight of the audience. Mrs. Karen Gibbons-Kowal was a wonderful choreographer who brought cohesion to the show and allowed the strengths of the cast to shine. The forty students on stage did well with the pressure and the nerves and really brought the show to life.

   The costumes were the hit of the show! We think harem pants are going to make a comeback after this weekend! Our cast looked phenomenal because of the creativity and hard work of Mrs. Rossi and Ms. Houlker.


Everyone at Beckwith is proud of the 34 students who played on our first ever unified basketball team. Mrs. Jerauld and Mrs. Enos spent tireless hours putting the program together but the students’ comments at the end of the season is what this is all about. 

The team played an inter-squad game to a packed Beckwith crowd on February 27 and participated in the first annual Jamboree at Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School on March 12.  Team members were Devin Andrade, Kylie Antonio, Nick Antonio, Zach Blair, Shaun Conklin, Caraline Corvi, Ella Damon, Cote David, Mason Ferreira, Luke Flanagan, Elaina Flood, Madison Gomes, Justin Govoni, Josh Guarino, Parker Healy, Tyler Kindberg, Hailey McGee, Lily Nees, Zoe Morgenweck, Zach Padin, Sebastian Pickford, Ray Reardon, Ryan Rebelo, Brodie Sammis, Samantha Serpa, Sophia Silva, Marc Thaler, Avery Thomas, Thalia Vasquez, Gianna Viola, Ava Wasylow, Ella Wasylow, Kaelyn Whittaker, and Tim Zibrida.


The D.L Beckwith Community Service Group and Mrs. Parella's 5th grade classes made Valentines for the Rehoboth Police Officers and the Rehoboth Firefighters as a way of saying thank you for the their bravery, their commitment to serving others, and their countless acts of kindness.


If you would like to receive the email announcements, please be sure that we have your email address.  We have also established a Facebook page where we post our Daily Announcements. We also use the CallOneNow system to notify parents of students’ absences from school if the parent has not already notified us of the absence.  The system is also used for other important, and at times district-wide, notifications.

Grade 8

Nicholas Antonio, Charleigh Blackwell, Gianna Blackwell, Samuel Brown, Ryan Callaghan, Alexander Cote, Kayley Cronin, Lauren DeCoste, Bryce Downs, Jillian Ferrara, Noah Ferreira, Sophia Fiore, Jacob Greenberg, Sophie Murdock, Jillian Pestana, Caroline Reed, Jaelyn Souza, Alexander Tomellini, Alanna Ward, Benjamin Wheeler

Grade 7

Lindsay Allard, Tiana Andrews, Angelina Araujo, Alyssa Barros, Hayden Bessette, Anastasia Bettencourt, Julia Boivin, Sofia Brown, Cassidy Cross, Andrew Lucas DaCruz, Ella Damon, Rebecca Davis, Abigail Gilliatt, Bethany Griffin, Madelyn Kelley, Kate Lewandowski, Marielle Lobban, Melody Lowe, Sabrina Marsella, Brianna Marshall, Grace Martin, Samantha Martini, Sadie Miller, Lily Nees, Meaghan O'Connell, Morgan Randall, Sarah Ranley, Madeline Rossi, Jadyn Saunders, Wren Seccareccia, Sophia Silva, Una Soliday, Matthew Thibault, Caroline Vitale, Ella Wasylow, Nathaniel Wheeler, Morgan Xavier

Grade 6

Kelsey Bain, Avery Botelho, Corinne Braga, Sean Callaghan, Caraline Corvi, Juliana Dias, Sophia Lin, Kylie Mirra, Elizabeth Parker, Luke Peltz, Sydney Pestana, Sarah Rodrigues, Brodie Sammis, Camden St James, Ava Wasylow, Kaelyn Whitaker

Grade 5

Landyn Andrade, Ethan Antepenko, Penny Braga, Ayden Bronsdon, Brayden Campos, Kali Caouette, Mackenzie Clark, Tiago Conceicao, Megan Daniels, Nicholas DeCilio, Keira DePalo, Jonathan Franco, Brendan Henneous, Kamil Kabli, Eleanor Karl, Haleigh Kelley, Winni Lin, Emily Marquis, Aubree Miller, Benjamin Miller, Skyla Perry, Adriana Quattrucci, Mylee Ramer, Abigail Salwierz, Isabella Silva, Olivia Visinho

Grade 8

Ashley Anderson, Devin Andrade, Aliyah Barbosa, Hailey Calore, Grace Campos, Sarah Charbonneau, Landon Chaves, Shaun Conklin, Reece Cordeiro, Kristin Corvi, Julia Croome, Ethan Cutler, Audrey DaCosta, Samuel DeMoura, Kayley Dias, Ella Gesner, Autumn Gousie, Callie Gouveia, Samantha Grady, Joshua Guarino, Marisa Guertin, Carleigh Hall, Emma Herman, Brandon Johnson, Ali Kabli, Tyler Kindberg, Morgan Lawton, Jarrett Lyne, Aiden Maciel, Samantha Malloy, Ethan Martinous, Cormac Masterson, Nicholas Medeiros, Hailey Medeiros, Lexie Menezes, Ethan Mourao, Quincey Munson, Isabel Murdock, Robert Myers, Matthew Nadeau, Emma O'Neill, Kylie Palmer, Evan Pereira, Rian Pontes, Hendrix Pray, Ryan Rebelo, Jillian Ross, Katelyn Schultz, Dario St James, Mia Stanzione, Jacob Suprenard, Madison Tavares, Luke Taylor, Marc Thaler, Avery Thomas, Molly Walsh, Samuel Watts, Thomas Zibrida

Grade 7

Samuel Almeida, Matthew Arnold, Isaac Bates, Emma Bonin, Kaylee Cambra, Kalmia Cryan, Marina DePalo, Thomas Dyson, Nicholas Farrell, Kathryn Favali, Aniyah Ferry, Wendy Fitzgerald, Luke Flanagan, Dustee Forster, Aiden Garabedian, McKenna Garcia, Madison Hathaway, William Kimmell, Will Kinniburgh, Delaney Kotch, Jared LaScola, Lindsey Luthi, Nathan Maiato, Lauren Marcotrigiano, Jamileth Martinez, Harley McCallops, Julia McDonough, Hailey McGee, Mackenzie Medeiros, Rachel Medeiros, Kyle Mello, Destin Michener, Tallula Miller, Kevin Moitoso, Kate Moitoso, Zoe Morgenweck, Jack Morris, Benjamin Murray, Colten Nastar, Cassidy Pittsley, Aaron Prata, Abrianna Razza, Kianna Reuter, Lisa Rickey, Rylee Rodriques, Daniel Savary, Kyllei Shelton, Essie Stebbings, Emilia Toldo, Benjamin Tran, Katherine Vitale, Nicholas Ware, John White,Amber-Lee Young

Grade 6

Iliana Almeida-Dixon, Dylan Andreozzi, Donald-Anthony Azar, Nathan Barriere, Trey Brierly, Genevieve Brown, Chayce Bryant, Charlize Cabral, Cheyanne Cabral, Lily Charlonne, Justin Chmielewski, Jacob Coutu, Ethan Coyne, Evan Cutler, Riley D'Alessio, Sophie Darling, Dillon Darnbrough, Liam Dee, Laura DeGirolamo, Mason Ferreira, Elaina Flood, Tyler Foley, Christian Fredericks, Madison Gomes, Justin Govoni, Alexis Guertin, Aidan Haskell, Jonah Hebda, Ian Hoskins, William Hoskins, Nevaeh Kaszyk, Lorelei Kellum, Taylor Kimmell, Jane Kostka, Caitlin Laliberte, Victoria Landry, Aidan LeBlanc, Gabrielle LeBlanc, Alexis Leonard, Sarah Lima, Zi Jie Lin, Luke Lindberg, Olivia Lubrano, Griffin Machie, Eva Maloof, Jeffrey McNaughton, Joseph Medeiros, Montana Mello, Angelina Musial, Liam O'Neill, Connor Pacheco, Brady Palazzi, Ashley Pellechio, Antonio Placido, Jacob Rebelo, Malakai Risotti, Madison Root, Stephanie Sican Velez, Ella Slater, Fiona Soliday, Peter Stchur, Matthew Suprenard, Hazel Thomas, Rylie Travers, Ryann Welzel, Rowan Whittaker, Noah Williamson, Aisha Zia, Timothy Zibrida

Grade 5

Braxtyn Andrade, Lilyana Arnold, Adrianna Barbosa, Emerson Bates, Aidan Benjamin, Ryan Bomes, Sean Boyden, Louis Butler, Sarah Cady, Hannah Carey, Eli Cavanaugh, Jolena Coletta, Autumn Comey, Alyssa Copeland, Emerson Correia, Shea Cote, Benjamin Cote, Emma Couto, Larsen Cryan, James Czech, Victoria D'Aiello, Amanda de Abreu, Finnley Dietrich, Joseph DiGirolamo, Bryce Dowdall, Cyrus Duczkowski, Ella Enos, Kennedy Ferreira, Emilia Ferreira, Gianna Figueira, Kyle Foley, Ace Fortin, Lily Fredericks, Jason Gelfuso, Robert Gomes, Zoe Govoni, Sean Grady, Nathanial Inman, Zachary Inman, Sasha Kiley, Rebecca King, William LaCombe, Xavier Landry, Tucker Levisee, Jessica Lyle, Kathryn Martini, Adeyn Matos, Madison Mello, Aidan Melo, Ryan Moitoso, Emma Paquette, Landon Paquette, Sophie Pequeneza, Jalynn Pittsley, Benjamin Pray, Jason Proctor, Ella Rosa, Charles Roth, Joshua Roulier, Brennan Silva, Patipan Sintorn, Jack Swan, Jadyn Toddings, Nathan Vicente


This month Beckwith will be conducting SBIRT screening for all seventh grade students.  Massachusetts school districts are required to include a substance use preventive screening as part of their annual mandated universal health-screening program. Our district will use the Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) protocol with students in grades 7 & 9. Beckwith Middle School will be conducting the screening from March 19th-March 28th.  The SBIRT protocol facilitates a one-on-one conversation between each student and a school nurse or counselor in an effort to prevent or at least delay the start of using harmful substances such as alcohol and marijuana. This program focuses on reinforcing healthy decisions and addressing concerning behaviors around substance use with the goal of improving health, safety and success in school.  The confidential screening is intended as another support for our students during their formative years.  We believe that adolescents who are supported and safe are successful in school.  For more information about SBIRT screening, contact our guidance department.  

Joe Pirraglia, Principal

Aladdin Junior


Anawan Lions Club Peace Poster Contest winner Kylie Hillier.

Mr. Shea reads to Mrs. Hazzard’s class in celebration of Read Across America Week.

Unified Basketball Team

Student vs. Teachers Basketball Game

Congratulations to Melissa Bilentschuk, Grade 7 and 8 English Language Arts teacher who was recently recognized at the NELMS Master in the Middle Award recipient.

Principal Joe Pirraglia gets a pie in the face at a recent fundraiser to support Beckwith student Cote David who is raising money for his Special Olympics team.

Mrs. Parella’s fifth grade class made Valentines for Rehoboth police officers and firefighters.