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At the end of each marking period, recognition will be given to those students who achieve academic excellence.  Levels of achievement are determined as follows:

High Honors:  A- or higher in all subjects.  Conduct and Effort must be excellent or satisfactory.


At the end of each marking period, recognition will be given to those students who achieve academic excellence.  Levels of achievement are determined as follows:

Honors:  B- or higher in all subjects. Conduct and Effort must be excellent or satisfactory




Welcome Back!

First Day of School


The cost for lunch is $2.85 this year.  The cost for milk is fifty cents.  The lunch menu is posted in every classroom for the children to view and is also available on the school website. 



The cost of one student textbook very often exceeds sixty dollars.  We ask your cooperation in encouraging your children to respect and care for all books and school materials.  Students who lose or damage books and/or school materials will be required to pay for them.


The school agenda study skills program is an important and required part of student life at Beckwith Middle School.  Each student has been provided with a school agenda, which is a daily planning booklet in which students are required to record all assignments.  Also, you will find the school calendar on the back cover of this year’s agenda.


Please send in a copy of your child's most recent physical exam done by the pediatrician as soon as possible so that it may be added to your child's health record.   It should include any recent immunizations your child may have received. As a reminder, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health requires a physical every 3-4 years.  As a reminder, students should NOT be bringing medication of any kind in to school. Medication (prescription and over the counter) MUST be brought in by an adult and permission forms need to be filled out by the parent.  If you have indicated on your child’s pupil information/ emergency contact form that your child has an allergy and requires an Epi-pen and/or Benadryl, the medication needs to be brought to the school as soon as possible and the appropriate parent and doctor forms need

to be completed.


For those interested in volunteering to help teacher, assisting with events or chaperoning field trips, please remember you need to have a current criminal background check form on file with the Dighton Rehoboth Regional School District.  Your form needs to be completed in person and you will need to present a valid drivers license or passport.  Once you have been approved, the form is valid for all the schools in the district for a period of three years.



Please take some time to explore our website periodically for the latest information and memos. Just go to and follow the Beckwith links.  You will see the School Calendar to the right which contains important dates, events, and ACE program schedule for easily accessible information.  As you scroll down you will also see important dates and links to other important information including the Beckwith Chronicle.  On the left side of our main page, there are links to other parts of our website, including the student handbook and teacher pages…some of which contain homework assignments.


MAY 2016




2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 6:30 PM

DRRHS Media Center


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Last January, the D.L. Beckwith Middle School robotics team, TEAM FURocious, finished second in the RI FIRST LEGO League® Championship and were invited to compete in the Razorback Invitational in Fayetteville, Arkansas in May.  With support from staff and administration, the superintendent's office, school committee, and community-at-large, the team traveled to Arkansas and came back with a lifetime of memories and the 2nd Place Innovative Solution Trophy for the Mutt Mat that they created.

   Donations, large and small, added up to pay expenses for the team. Thanks to coaches Michael Kenny, Dalita Tomellini and Jeff Greenberg for the time they put in with the students, and the parents for all they did to help.

   TEAM FURocious (Alex Tomellini, Deven Anderson, Ethan Cutler, Jacob Greenberg, Josh Guarino and Pilar Beerman) had five rounds of competition in the International Hall and three of those rounds were team bests. When asked the one thing about robotics they will remember, their similar answers were about working together as a team.


Two wonderful concerts delighted families and friends in June.  On June 5, the Beckwith Chorus and Grade 5 Percussion group performed in the D-R Auditorium.  Selections highlighted a combination of choral performances and percussion as well as a variety of grade-level choral groups and the Select Chorus.  Songs performed included “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” “Seasons of Love,” “Footloose,” and Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”  Students wowed the audience with their performances.  Special thanks to Miss Lynnette Lopez for her hard work and dedication to the music program and for directing a wonderful show!

   On June 12, the Beckwith bands in their various groupings including jazz band, performed in the DRRHS auditorium under the direction of Ms. Jenny Gallant.  The night opened with the first-ever performance from the BMS Dance Team led by Mrs. Helen Correia.  Special guest Ms. Elizabeth Crohan performed on triangle with the grade 5 band.       

   The song variety kept audiences on their feet and included “Star Wars,” “Circle of Life,” “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” “Under the Sea” and “Let it Go” featuring eighth grader Victoria Richardson on vocals.  Special thanks to Ms. Gallant for directing an excellent performance.  Also, special thanks to  Mr. Tyler Brundage and Mr. Sammy Costa for supporting the Beckwith music program and working with our students throughout the year and to Ms. Kelly Chartier for volunteering to work with the Jazz Band. We would also like to thank all our chorus and band students for their hard work and dedication to the music program.


In March, seventh grader Maya Smith and her mother Mrs. Carmel Valianti-Smith returned to Mrs. Bilentschuk’s classes to update the students on their recent 3-month adventure in Nepal.  Our students even got to see the kids in Nepal open up the holiday gifts they had sent them. Many children didn’t want to open the presents right away because they were so taken with how beautifully the presents were wrapped.  Although the kids in Nepal loved the presents, they were far more interested in the letters that our kids had written. 

    In May, Maya and her mother presented a program of traditional Indian food.  In addition to the food they made,  several vegetarian dishes were delivered from the local Rehoboth restaurant, Apna Punjab.  Some students were familiar with Indian cuisine.  Others were very adventurous and sampled the new types of food for the very first time. 

    Students then prepared questions to ask the children in Nepal using Skype. A huge thank you to both Maya and her mom for their total commitment to this enrichment experience at Beckwith Middle School.  We are all very grateful. 


Ten acts sang, danced, and played their hearts out on June 1 for the BMS Talent Show that began with students performing the Party Rock Anthem. Sophia Fiore and Avery Thomas sang and played piano to the song “Halo.”  Sarah Simon danced to “Get Back Up Again/ Move Your Feet.” Mark Edmonds played “Steppin’ Out” on his guitar.  Victoria Richardson sang “One Call Away.” Nick Antonio, Sam Brown, Ryan Callaghan, Joshua Guarino, and Cormac Masterson formed the Kazoo Band and played a medley.  Caitlin Laliberte played piano and sang “Open Arms.” Angelena Correia danced to “Bottom of the River.” Evan Cady played “Here Comes the Sun/Let It Be” on the guitar. Zachariah Padin played “Old Rugged Cross” on his violin. Kylie Antonio, Marisa Guertin, and Isabel Murdock formed a group playing piano and singing “Million Reasons.”  It was an extremely tough decision but the judges chose these top three acts: in 3rd place Mark Edmonds playing a mean guitar, in 2nd place Victoria Richardson belting out "One Call Away" and in 1st place Zachariah Padin dazzled the audience playing “Old Rugged Cross” on his violin. It was a memorable evening for everyone involved.  We are appreciative of our staff who were involved and organized this event including Mrs. Jerauld, preliminary judges Mrs. Bilentschuk, Ms. Mullaney, and Mr. Ketler; final judges Mr. Pirraglia, Mr. Martone, and Mrs. Moitoso; sound Miss Lopez and Mr. Ketler.


Thirteen grade eight students were awarded certificates and pins at a breakfast with the principal for their commitment to academic excellence and achievement.  Kyle Bisbano, Isabella Brown, Bella DiCilio, Nathan DeMoura, Nathan Howard, Mason Mello, Mackenzie Morgenweck, Megan Reilly, and Jordan Soufy were awarded the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence. 

    Kyle, Isabella, Bella, Nathan, Nathan, Mason, Mackenzie, Megan, and Jordan received an A- or better in all subjects throughout their Beckwith careers and earned an Advanced score on MCAS. 

   Cameron Carro, Christopher Pike, Brianna Benjamin, and Hunter Brierly were awarded the Presidential Award for Academic Achievement.  Cameron, Christopher, Brianna, and Hunter received an A- or better in all subjects throughout their Beckwith careers with the exception of one B. 

  T o receive a Presidential Award is an outstanding accomplishment.  Congratulations to our students for this achievement!


Students, staff, family and friends celebrated the promotion of eighth graders on June 22 at Francis Farm.  During the promotion ceremony, Victoria Richardson led the eight grade class and audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Abigail Murray delivered a heartfelt address congratulating the students and reflecting on her experience.  Members of the grade eight chorus, led by Miss Lynnette Lopez, sang a meaningful song to the class  Ms. Cathy Edington awarded Mackenzie Morgenweck the Williams College Book Award for her outstanding accomplishments.  Thomas (TJ) D’Ambrosio and Victoria Richardson received the Anthony Ferreira Citizenship Award for outstanding citizenship and contribution to school culture.

Congratulations to the eighth grade students who will move on to high school: Michael Allard, Devan Amaral, Peter Anghinetti, Briana Auger, Brianna Benjamin, Eryk Berwick, Kara Bisbano, Kyle Bisbano, Brooke Botelho, Skylar Botelho, Ryan Boulay, Samuel Branco, Benjamin Branco, Hunter Brierly, Isabella Brown, Hannah Bruno, Samantha Butler, Hannah Caouette, Ethan Carello, Oliver Carr, Kamila Carreiro, Cameron Carro, Angelena Correia, Emma Correia, Breanna Couto, Taylor Creel, Colin D'Ambrosio, Emily D'Ambrosio, Thomas D'Ambrosio, Ariana DaConceicao, Kollin DaCosta, Kaitlyn Darling, Jaden DeBlois, Bella DeCilio, Cameron DeClercq, Anna DeGirolamo, Kyle Delaplain, Nathan DeMoura, Daniel DeRoche, Jordan Dickson, Jennifer Doan, Matthew Duarte, Ryan Dunn, Delaney Dunphy, Logan Dupont, Mark Edmonds, Hailey Enos, Ethan Escobar, Owen Fagundes, Iris Freitas, Jessie Gatlin, Madeline Glynn, Nicholas Gomes, Jack Goulart, Gregory Groom, Alexa Hagman, Jairus Hardmon, Anna Hazel, Michaela Healy, Bryce Henriques, Olivia Higbie, Benjamin Horowitz, Nathan Howard, Sarah Howard, Brodie Jacques, Jake Johnson, Katherine Kimmell, Jeremy Kinniburgh, Madison Kotch, Andrew Kozatek, Nathan LaBrie, Brianna Lacombe, Tristan Lacourse, Cameron LeBlanc, Ethan Leland, Andrea Letourneau, John Lewandowski, Tyler Lima, James Lobban, Paige Lopes, Justin Maciel, Alessandra Marciello, John Marcille, Samantha Marsella, Marcus McCaffrey, Colin McCarthy, Donald McNaughton, Mason Mello, Audrey Michener, Ethan Moore, Caitlin Morgado, Marshall Morgado, Mackenzie Morgenweck, Robert Morris, Katelyn Moura, Marissa Mourato, Abigail Murray, Wyatt Nastar, Jacob Nunes, Evan O'Connell, Wyatt Palardy, Patrick Palazzi, Kami Pallotta, Shane Paul, Andrew Peltz, Robert Pierce, Christopher Pike, Lily Platt, Matthew Proctor, Kyle Rebello, Megan Reilly, Grace Rheaume, Zachary Richards, Victoria Richardson, Lauren Rickey, Kameron Robitaille, Angela Rose, Cullen Sammis, Eric Sampson, Margaret Saxon, Aiden Searle, Solomon-Isaac Silvia, Carla Sirois, Jordan Soufy, Christian Strollo, Harrison Taraian, Cole Tavares, Aelyn Tougas, Emily Trudelle, Alexis Wells, Rhett Whittaker, Jack Wilson



If you would like to receive the email announcements, please be sure that we have your email address.  We have also established a Facebook page where we post our Daily Announcements. We also use the CallOneNow system to notify parents of students’ absences from school if the parent has not already notified us of the absence.  The system is also used for other important, and at times district-wide, notifications.

Grade 8

Brianna Benjamin, Hunter Brierly, Cameron Carro, Bella DeCilio, Nathan DeMoura, Mason Mello, Megan Reilly

Grade 7

Ashley Anderson, Nicholas Antonio, Aliyah Barbosa, Pilar Beerman-Rodriguez, Charleigh Blackwell, Gianna Blackwell, Samuel Brown, Ryan Callaghan, Grace Campos, Kayley Cronin, Ethan Cutler, Lauren DeCoste, Samuel DeMoura, Bryce Downs, Autumn Gousie, Jacob Greenberg, Joshua Guarino, Marisa Guertin, Carleigh Hall, Ethan Martinous, Cormac Masterson, Hailey Medeiros, Nicholas Medeiros, Lexie Menezes, Isabel Murdock, Sophie Murdock, Kayla Owens, Kylie Palmer, Jillian Pestana, Ryan Rebelo, Caroline Reed, Jaelyn Souza, Julia Tavares, Luke Taylor, Avery Thomas, Alexander Tomellini, Benjamin Wheeler, Thomas Zibrida

Grade 6

Hayden Bessette, Anastasia Bettencourt, Emma Bonin, Sofia Brown, Rebecca Davis, Marina DePalo, Abigail Gilliatt, Madelyn Kelley, Delaney Kotch, Kate Lewandowski, Sabrina Marsella, Julia McDonough, Meaghan O'Connell, Morgan Randall, Una Soliday, Ella Wasylow, Nathaniel Wheeler

Grade 5

Iliana Almeida-Dixon, Kelsey Bain, Corinne Braga, Genevieve Brown, Sean Callaghan, Lily Charlonne, Justin Chmielewski, Caraline Corvi, Jacob Coutu, Riley D'Alessio, Sophie Darling, Laura DeGirolamo, Juliana Dias, Tyler Foley, Madison Gomes, Jonah Hebda, Ian Hoskins, Nevaeh Kaszyk, William Kendall V, Alexis Leonard, Sophia Lin, Eva Maloof, Jeffrey McNaughton, Joseph Medeiros, Kylie Mirra, Seamus Murphy, Liam O'Neill, Elizabeth Parker, Sydney Pestana, Malakai Risotti, Sarah Rodrigues, Fiona Soliday, Camden St James, Matthew Suprenard, Allison Tito, Ava Wasylow, Kaelyn Whitaker, Timothy Zibrida

Grade 8

Kara Bisbano, Kyle Bisbano, Skylar Botelho, Benjamin Branco, Samuel Branco, Isabella Brown, Hannah Bruno, Hannah Caouette, Kamila Carreiro, Breanna Couto, Taylor Creel, Colin D'Ambrosio, Emily D'Ambrosio, Thomas D'Ambrosio, Ariana DaConceicao, Jennifer Doan, Matthew Duarte, Hailey Enos, Owen Fagundes, Iris Freitas, Madeline Glynn, Anna Hazel, Bryce Henriques, Olivia Higbie, Benjamin Horowitz, Nathan Howard, Sarah Howard, Madison Kotch, Andrew Kozatek, Nathan LaBrie, Cameron LeBlanc, Ethan Leland, John Lewandowski, James Lobban, Paige Lopes, Justin Maciel, Audrey Michener, Caitlin Morgado, Marshall Morgado, Mackenzie Morgenweck, Marissa Mourato, Wyatt Nastar, Jacob Nunes, Shane Paul, Christopher Pike, Victoria Richardson, Carla Sirois, Jordan Soufy, Christian Strollo, Harrison Taraian, Aelyn Tougas, Alexis Wells, Rhett Whittaker, Jack Wilson

Grade 7

Sarah Amaral, Devin Andrade, Kylie Antonio, Jordyn Armfield, Alexander Arocho, Connor Bain, Kylah Blair, Cayden Bryant, Alexandria Caito, Hailey Calore, Sarah Charbonneau, Landon Chaves, Shaun Conklin, Sebastian Coogan, Reece Cordeiro, Kristin Corvi, Aysia Crawford, Arianna Crosby, Leah Daniello, Sabrina DaSilva, Kayley Dias, Jillian Ferrara, Noah Ferreira, Sophia Fiore, Ella Gesner, Cassidy Gobin, Emma Goulart, Callie Gouveia, Samantha Grady, Jack Griffin, Emma Herman, Madison Hinerman, Ali Kabli, Lauren Kerwin, Mason Kimple, Tyler Kindberg, Thomas Lawrence, Morgan Lawton, Jarrett Lyne, Aiden Maciel, Samantha Malloy, Lucy Messenger, Cherise Muniu, Quincey Munson, Robert Myers, Matthew Nadeau, Emma O'Neill, Ian Papa, Ava Pequeneza, Evan Pereira, Rian Pontes, Hannah Pratas, Hendrix Pray, Maximus Reuter, Jillian Ross, Katelyn Schultz, Abigail Sousa, Dario St James, Mia Stanzione, Jacob Suprenard, Madison Tavares, Marc Thaler, Brady Walsh, Molly Walsh, Alanna Ward, Samuel Watts

Grade 6

Lindsay Allard, Samuel Almeida, Tiana Andrews, Angelina Araujo, Gianna Bairos, Julia Boivin, Kaylee Cambra, Cassidy Cross, Ella Damon, Thomas Dyson, Nicholas Farrell, Luke Flanagan, Kevin Foley, Dustee Forster, Emma Garabedian, McKenna Garcia, Madison Hathaway, William Kimmell, Jared LaScola, Marielle Lobban, Melody Lowe, Lindsey Luthi, James Lynch, Nathan Maiato, Brianna Marshall, Samantha Martini, Mackenzie Medeiros, Rachel Medeiros, Kyle Mello, Destin Michener, Sadie Miller, Michael Minassian, Zoe Morgenweck, Jack Morris, Benjamin Murray, Lily Nees, Olivia Poirier, Sarah Ranley, Abrianna Razza, Rylee Rodriques, Madeline Rossi, Wren Seccareccia, Kyllei Shelton, Sophia Silva, Essie Stebbings, Emilia Toldo, Nicholas Ware, John White

Grade 5

Dylan Andreozzi, Donald-Anthony Azar, Nathan Barriere, Idalia Beerman-Rodriguez, Camren Bernier, Avery Botelho, Kevin Boucher Jr., Trey Brierly, Chayce Bryant, Charlize Cabral,Cheyanne Cabral, Aaliyah Carvalho, Travis Chartier, Aden Cortinheiro, Ethan Coyne, Aiden Crawford Aguiar, Evan Cutler, Liam Dee, Quintin Erskine, Angelique Ferreira, Mason Ferreira, Elaina Flood, Christina Gariepy, Jaylin Gaudreau, Kevin Gousie, Justin Govoni, Alexis Guertin, Aidan Haskell, William Hoskins, David Hunt, Lorelei Kellum, Taylor Kimmell, Caitlin Laliberte,, Zoey Lawrence, Aidan LeBlanc, Sarah Lima, Luke Lindberg, Olivia Lubrano, Dylan Medeiros, Gage Mello, Adam Morris, Angelina Musial, Connor Pacheco, Giselle Pacheco, Olivia Pacheco, Brady Palazzi, Luke Peltz, Matthew Pickering, Antonio Placido, Emmalee Razza, Aden Rheaume, Ethan Sammis, Evan Sampson, Sarah Simon, Ella Slater, Hazel Thomas, Gianna Viola, Ryann Welzel, Rowan Whittaker, Noah Williamson, Aisha Zia