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Rehoboth Ambulance
Rehoboth Ambulance
Rehoboth Ambulance
Rehoboth Ambulance
Rehoboth Ambulance

Rehoboth Ambulance Committee

P.O. Box 156, Rehoboth, Massachusetts 02769


Rehoboth Ambulance

Winter Storm Nemo Keeps Rehoboth Ambulance Busy

(February 19, 2013) Rehoboth Ambulance crews received 25 calls for assistance from the morning of February 8 through the evening of Sunday February 10.  Crews responded to 23 of them, and received mutual aid from the Town of Swansea for two calls as both Rehoboth ambulances were out on other calls. The average call volume for this a similar time period is only eight calls.  

     During the storm, Rehoboth Ambulance responded to:  11 medical calls, 6 carbon monoxide calls, 4 public assists, 1 structure fire, 1 mutual aid to another town. 

      During the storm the Rehoboth Ambulance Committee kept both of its ambulances in service at the Paramedic level with crews in both center and south stations to ensure adequate coverage during the storm, and the clean up afterwards. 

     Due to dropping temperatures and hazardous road conditions, the normal “on call” crew for Sunday evening also remained in the station to ensure a safe and expedient response to any ambulance calls. 

      The weekend in-station support resulted in a total of 269 man-hours of coverage, approximately $4,000.  It is important to note that the Rehoboth Ambulance Committee absorbs the cost of operating the ambulances for the duration of the storm. This fee is not passed on to the town.

Board Member Needed

The Rehoboth Ambulance Committee’s Board of Directors is looking to fill an open position.  Our board of consists of four members of the Ambulance Committee and three members of the community at large.  This individual should have an interest in helping to shape how the Rehoboth Ambulance Committee delivers Emergency Medical Services to the Town of Rehoboth.

     The Board of Directors is elected annually during the Committee’s regular scheduled meeting.  This open position is for the remainder of 2012.  For more information, or if you are interested in being considered to this position, please contact the Chairman of the committee, Scott Meagher, at

Help Rehoboth Ambulance Help You by Reuben Fischman, NREMT-P

(May 3, 2012)  In an emergency, when seconds count and stress levels are at their peak, you can help us help you by having certain information close at hand.  The Rehoboth Ambulance Committee offers a “File of Life” to aid in collecting vital information into a single, and easy to find location.   Should we respond to your house in an emergency, we can collect the necessary information directly from the File of Life.

     “The File of Life” is a pre-printed form that is kept in a red, easily identifiable folder that can be placed in a conspicuous location such as on your refrigerator.  This form provides space to record demographic information such as name, address, phone number, date of birth and insurance information, your physician’s information, a list of important medical history, allergies to medications and any medications you are taking on a regular basis.

    Having this information easily available for first responders and ambulance members allows us to quickly collect information about your medical history in order to aid us in providing you with quality care.  We also pass this information on to the hospital in the event we transport you to ensure continuity of care.

    The File of Life is available at no cost to any resident of the Town.  Please contact the Ambulance Committee at (508) 252-2318 to obtain the File of Life.  If you request it, we can also have one of our crews come to your home to assist you in completing the form.

Did You Know . . .

-- EMS is the first medical contact for over 50% of stroke patients.

--Those MedicAlert bracelets help first responders get vital info.

--The American Heart Association provides training for EMS.

--So does the American Stroke Association with online courses.

--First responders can detect hard-to-detect CO2 poisoning.

-- CPR compressions are best done to the beat of “Stayin‘ Alive.”  (Studies show that when CPR training uses the song to teach the technique, people are more likely to remember the correct rhythm and feel more confident performing CPR.)

2013 Call Statistics

Patients Transported: 661

Patient Non-Transports: 287

Total Patients Seen: 948

Motor Vehicle Accidents: 223

Trauma Calls:  203

Medical Calls: 469

Incidents by Geographic Region

North: 147

Center: 454

South: 343

Mutual Aid to Other Towns: 14

Seeking New Members

The Rehoboth Ambulance Committee is always seeking new members.  If you are already an EMT or Paramedic certified in Massachusetts, we welcome you to join our ranks.  If you are not already an EMT, we can assist you in obtaining your initial training.  EMTs and Paramedics certified in other states are also welcome, and we will work with you obtain reciprocity from Massachusetts.

     As an EMT or Paramedic for the Rehoboth Ambulance, you will have the opportunity to work on our ambulances with other highly trained individuals to provide emergency care to the Town of Rehoboth.  For more information, or to get an application, visit our website at, or email us at

Who is Rehoboth Ambulance?

We are your neighbors.  We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are the dedicated volunteers that respond to your calls for an ambulance when you or a loved one is sick or injured. 

     Founded in 1954, Rehoboth Ambulance Committee, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  Our stated mission is to provide emergency care and transportation to the residents and visitors of the Town of Rehoboth.  We accomplish this mission without any direct support or funding from the Town of Rehoboth budget.

     The RAC purchases the ambulances at a cost of over $150,000 a piece.  These vehicles are then sold to the Town of Rehoboth at a cost of $1.00 each.  The Town provides for fuel, insurance and housing for the two ambulances. 

    All operating expenses, including vehicle maintenance, supplies, equipment, and stipends paid to our volunteers are covered by the Ambulance Committee.  These operating expenses exceed $300,000 annually. 

     There is no line item in the town budget to support ambulance operations.  The RAC’s primary income sources are through your generous donations and through billing insurance companies and patients for services provided.

     Reductions in healthcare reimbursements and increasing operating costs have required us to evaluate our billing practices and more actively seek reimburse- ment for outstanding bills.

     We understand that every individual’s economic situation is different, and we will work with each of our customer’s to address your unique circumstances.  Included in any bill for services are directions on submitting a hardship request to our billing company, COMSTAR Ambulance Billing. 

     If you have any questions about a bill received, you can contact COMSTAR at the number on your bill, or contact us directly at 508-252-2318.

     Please remember that Rehoboth Ambulance will ALWAYS answer a call for help and provide care and transportation to a hospital as requested by the patient.



(September 11, 2013 ) The Rehoboth Ambulance Committee has initiated a campaign for donations to replace existing cardiac monitors, ones that can more rapidly identify potentially life threatening cardiac rhythms and transmit that information directly to the destination hospital.

    “The new cardiac monitors will enable us to greatly improve the care we provide to the residents and visitors,” said Reuben Fischman, deputy chief and operations manager of the non-profit Rehoboth Ambulance. A fundraising letter has been sent to Rehoboth residents and businesses with details on the fundraising campaign.  “Every dollar donated will be allocated towards the purchase of these new monitors,” assured Fischman. 

    The Rehoboth Ambulance Committee is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that receives no direct funding from the Town of Rehoboth. All operating expenses are covered solely through donations and billing for services.  All donations are tax deductible.  Donate online and learn more at

Sweet New Ambulance Features Enhanced Safety and Performance

(October 1, 2013)  The Rehoboth Ambulance Committee, a non-profit organization that provides service to the town, is very proud of their new ambulance, the first ever custom designed truck they’ve ever had.

     Built on a 2013 Ford gasoline chassis, the Ambulance Committee designed the vehicle to meet their specifications instead of buying a "pre-built" unit.  It includes several features for both patient and crew safety including a sliding side door instead of one that opens up out into the roadway.  

    They also have a power stretcher on this truck to make it easier to move patients around.  “This, in and of itself, is a huge safety feature for everyone,” said Reuben Fischman, deputy chief and operations manager.  “It reduces likelihood of back injuries for our crew, but also is a more stable stretcher for patients with less likelihood of tips or falls.”

   The new ambulance is in service at the paramedic level. Another ambulance on the paramedic level is in service at the South Rehoboth Fire Station.  “We are keeping a third ambulance as a spare unit so we will always have at least two available,” said Fischman.

    All three ambulances were purchased by Rehoboth Ambulance which also assumes all operational costs primarily through billing for services. The town pays for insurance and fuel only.

    Rehoboth Ambulance is currently conducting a fundraising campaign specifically to purchase new cardiac monitors for the ambulances.

    “This is first year in a long time that we've done a fund raiser because we have a targeted goal in mind - the new monitors,” emphasized Fischman. If you would like to make a donation, please go to their website.

Rehoboth Ambulance crew members:

EMT Sharon Estrella (left) and

Paramedic Georgiana Humes (right)

The new ambulance cost $173,000 without

supplies. Another $18,000 was needed to cover the cost of the supplies and

equipment.  The total cost was funded primarily through service billing as well as unsolicited donations.